May 26, 2022

Millions of unaware Australians are caught up in a ‘password phishing scam’ after taking part in an ‘innocent’ social media guessing game

  • Pet owners are being warned to avoid revealing the names of their pets online
  • It comes after a popular ‘challenge’ invites thousands to guess names of dogs 
  • Research shows millions of people use the names of their pets as passwords 
  • Sharing this information makes it easier for hackers to access online accounts

A global social media ‘challenge’ that invites thousands to guess the name of a pet is said to be linked to several ‘phishing’ scams. 

Unaware of the risk, owners are taking part in the game by posting two photos on Facebook – one of their dog and another of an object that relates to its name. 

This allows anyone to learn their pet’s name and in many cases, a clue to their banking password or ‘security question’ answers. 

As a result, Aussies are being warned to prevent revealing pet names online, as innocent and adorable as the game may seem.

It follows after research shows that millions of people use names as passwords for banking and personal information, making it easier for cyber attackers to guess. 

‘Phishing’ is a commonly used password-stealing technique often carried out through email,…

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