May 26, 2022

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Choosing a Tax Resolution professional isn’t easy. Why?

Because people are bombarded with confusing claims, bad information, and worthless solutions. How do people find a qualified, competent tax resolution specialist? How do they not get ripped-off?

Mr. Ornelas says, “With this information consumers can make an informed, intelligent decision.” He shares his 4 main ideas for avoiding getting ripped off by tax resolution firms.

RIP-OFF #1 Overpromising Results

If someone guarantees to settle a tax debt for a certain amount through an offer in compromise, or promises a certain monthly payment amount, that should be a “red- flag.” That’s like going into a trial and the lawyer saying he knows which way the jury is going to rule.

He can’t know ahead of time. It’s the same with the IRS. The IRS is the final arbiter, they have the last word.

A reputable firm will conduct a thorough analysis of the case, before they ever agree to take anyone on as a client, to determine what’s likely to resolve their matter based on historical experience with cases they’ve worked before.

RIP-OFF #2 Bait and Switch
Beware of firms that quote seemingly low fees for a particular service…

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