July 1, 2022

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, is betting that technology merging the virtual and physical worlds could be popular in the next few years, Reuters wrote Friday (Feb. 18).

Meta told ad agencies that mixed reality tech, as it’s called, could allow a person wearing an MR headset to use a real-world object to get a reaction in the virtual world.

One example was hitting a video game character with a real baseball bat.

That’s one of three types of technologies that could be used in the metaverse, along with augmented reality (think Pokemon Go) and virtual reality (think immersive headsets like Oculus). But neither of those two allow users to interact with the virtual world using a physical-world object.

Reuters writes that Meta’s comments were intended to help advertisers understand the metaverse.

The company’s estimate that mixed reality is just a few years away adds more detail to the company timeline of getting the metaverse into the mainstream.

While there are some mixed reality headsets available, they aren’t ready for the average customer.

Meta said that Project Cambria, a headset featuring mixed reality capabilities, will be released this year. Some of its capabilities include face and eye-tracking.

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