May 26, 2022

125 Years

Thursday, March 25, 1897

The operetta,” Little Red Riding Hood,” which will be given at G. A. R. hall April 7th under the musical directorship of Mrs. F. P. Hogbin, will prove a great treat to our music loving people, as well as to those who delight in seeing a well drilled company of little folks in costume, and in hearing a chorus of seventy-five children’s voices. Some of the best musical talent of the city have generously placed their services at Mrs. Hogbin’s disposal, which will make the choruses strong and effective. An unique feature will be domestic band which will take the place of the traditional orchestra and will entertain the audience during the change of scenes. Next week we are promised the cast of characters and a synopsis of the play. Price of admission has been placed at only 25c without extra charge for reserved seats. Tickets will be on sale April 1st.

Attention is called to the official statement of the Citizens State bank in this issue. The large reserve, about thirty percent, of the deposits, shows a management that is safe to tie to.

Mrs. Nancy Holdredge has been giving her attendants a good deal of trouble of late and it was thought advisable to remove her to the poor farm, Here guardian, R. C. Doolittle, accompanied her to Seneca Friday. She is feeble minded and may be placed in the asylum.

C. E. Leeper got back from his Southern trip last week. He has been in East Tennessee, near Chattanooga. The country there is…

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