May 26, 2022

DULUTH — The anonymous man claiming to be a billionaire working with the Two Harbors mayor on plans for an underwater hotel is a felon with a history of allegations of soliciting money for far-fetched ideas.

Meet Daniel Victor Hancock, a 77-year-old Las Vegas man, who prefers people call him Mr. O, the reclusive billionaire willing to mentor you to success for just $10,000-$50,000.

Since at least last summer, he’s been working with and mentoring Two Harbors Mayor Chris Swanson on an idea for an underwater hotel in Lake Superior, which

the News Tribune first reported last month.

As Mr. O, Hancock’s alter ego, he insists on anonymity, but newspaper archives and public records show he’s lived a life of crime and deceit.

Hancock, whose identity was first reported by the Duluth Monitor, did not respond to the News Tribune’s request for comment.

Jon Lee, who runs the Enigma Mastery Group, which connects budding entrepreneurs with “Mr. O’s” mentorship, did not deny Hancock was Mr. O. Instead, he said “Mr. O” would address the News Tribune and Monitor stories during a Thursday, Feb. 23, podcast recording.

Through its own prior reporting, the News Tribune identified Mr. O as Hancock after watching the

“About Mr. O”

video on the “Mr. O. Recluse” YouTube channel, where he shares numerous letters and photos of himself, all with his name and face redacted. In the…

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