March 25, 2024

Matt Damon is being served up a heaping pile of backlash to start the New Year.

However, this new helping of backlash is in regard to a commercial that aired in October.

Damon stars in a commercial which originally aired in October, but it’s NOW going viral.

He became the face of the cryptocurrency exchange app last year. The app allows users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies.

Matt Damon’s Under Fire For Commercial


According to MarketWatch, signed Damon as part of a $100 million advertising campaign directed by “Inception” cinematographer Wally Pfister, with ads set to air in more than 20 countries.

And let’s just say, the commercial is not good look for Damon, especially after last year’s comments about racial slurs.

In the commercial, Damon can be seen walking into white, blank room with high-ceilings and corridors.

He starts off saying, “History is filled with almosts. With those who almost adventured. Who almost achieved, but ultimately for them it proved to be too much.”

Throughout the entire commercial, Damon is walking past historical moments in history. He walks past an early pioneer who sailed the ocean blue to discover new lands.

“Fortune Favors The Brave”


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