April 3, 2024

DOUG. Log4Shell: It ain’t over till it’s over.

Instagram Scams. And Apple bugs.

All that, and more, on the Naked Security podcast.


Welcome to the podcast, everyone.

Let’s see if I still remember how to do this, as I’ve been off for two weeks.

Paul, I see you’ve been working away, and you’ve jumped on the Worst Incidents of the Year List bandwagon, but in a much more productive and random way.

DUCK. [LAUGHS] Thank you, Doug.

I thought you were going to be cruel and say, “Ohhhhh, you just gave us your Top N list”… then you were very nice about it!

I decided to call mine The Top N Cybersecurity Stories of 2021 for Small Positive Integer Values of N [LAUGHTER], thus hopefully appealing to people with a vaguely mathematical bent.

DOUG. Well, as a former journalist who occasionally had to deal in what we used to call the Year-end Trash for Cash that we would write, this would have been very handy to have.

DUCK. Douglas, are you admitting that you wrote listicles in your time?

DOUG. I was admitting that I had editors that would say, “We need, we absolutely need to have a Top Ten Something Something About Something.”

If only I had a generator like this…

DUCK. Yes, I wrote a little script, and I put 14 items in there.

The script figuratively shuffles the deck – using a correct implementation of the random shuffle algorithm as originally presented by the famous Donald Knuth – and then prints out the Top N for you.


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