March 24, 2024

The e-commerce industry is booming and expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The digital marketplace is ever-changing as new entrepreneurs find ways to deliver products to customers.

Dropshipping is a hot topic in the business world, sparking some debate.

Many people have mixed feelings about dropshipping, its efficacy, and whether it can be turned into a profitable side hustle. While some people think the dropshipping business model is one of the future, others believe it’s a total scam.

Let’s explore more about dropshipping on Amazon, whether it’s legit or a get-rich-quick scheme, and some of the pros and cons of Amazon dropshipping.

What Is Amazon Dropshipping?

Image: Unsplash

Dropshipping is a type of fulfillment option where individuals purchase products at wholesale prices and resell them to customers at a higher price to earn a profit.

The model is typically associated with low overhead costs and low capital investments, which is why entrepreneurs are attracted to dropshipping. Dropshippers do not have to worry about storing products or managing inventory, as the products ship directly to customers from the manufacturer.

Traditional retail sales are declining due to the increasingly popular dropshipping method. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since the retail landscape is digitally transforming rapidly.

Additionally, Amazon has strict dropshipping policies listed on its website, highlighting how dropshipping should be handled when selling on…

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