March 25, 2024

I received a phone call and my phone indicated the call was from Publix, so I answered it thinking my prescription was ready for pickup.

To my surprise it was my grandson asking for help from his grandpa. Of course, I knew it was a scam call right away but I decided to play along. I said,” Is that you Brandon?” He said yes and he had a car accident and needed money to get out of jail.

I asked how I could get the money to him and he said through his attorney. He gave me the attorneys name and phone number and I could make arrangements through him. Instead of calling his attorney, I called the sheriff’s office thinking they would follow up with the phone call to the supposed attorney. But I was advised they don’t follow up on scam calls and that I should call the Fed’s. They gave me the number. It didn’t work.

I called them back to advise them the number did not work. She said that’s the only number they have. I bet when the next person calls they will get the same nonexistent number. I was advised to go to Google and lookup the Fed’s scam report number. The gentlemen at the Fed’s who answered the phone advised me he would take my information and file it. I asked if anyone was going to call the phone number I provided. He said, “No, we just take the information and file it.”


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