April 1, 2024

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville military veteran is in danger of losing everything after he says he was scammed on Facebook by a woman who said she wanted to marry him.

At 73, Bob Creswell thought he had found love. He said a 31-year-old woman named “Ruth” from Charleston, South Carolina friended him on Facebook in September.

“She said she wanted me to text her. I texted her and we started talking and she was telling me that money can sometimes be involved in a relationship,” Creswell said.

At first, he was skeptical.

“I told her that if you care about somebody, you don’t have to pay to care about somebody. So she kind of backed off on that, but as it went along she said, ‘Look my phone is running out,’” Creswell said.

He says he sent her 18 cards with $20 each to put minutes on her phone and then the conversation turned to something bigger. She said she was going to get a $40 million inheritance, but needed to be married in order to receive it.


Creswell says he tried to visit her but she told him it would interfere with her inheritance.

When asked if he ever thought he was getting scammed, Creswell said: “I had a few aspersions about that but my big heart didn’t want me to accept the fact and because I thought I was married to her.”

He says he paid an attorney $300 to get married, and when Ruth asked for $5,780 in legal fees to get to her inheritance, he overdrew his bank account.

She sent money to reimburse him, but those checks bounced.

“When I…

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