March 23, 2024

This historic haunt is more than just a chilling memory of a hotel-turned-hospital, and it’s still considered the most haunted hotel in America.

Hotels often have the reputation for being some of the most haunted buildings around—especially the historical ones, that have a tendency to create a mythology and mystique all their own. Many of these hotels also embrace their notorious pasts; adapting eerie and often unexplainable events into the lore of the property itself—and sometimes even making it a selling point to attract visitors.

One such hotel is the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa; often referred to as ‘America’s Most Haunted Hotel,’ this lovely property in the scenic Victorian Village of Eureka Springs, Arkansas is famous not only for its luxe accommodations and world-class hospitality but as the site of numerous paranormal events, including a plethora of testimonies from people that have been mentally (and even physically), effected by The Crescent’s spiritual auras and spooky psychic phenomena.

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The History Of The Crescent Hotel

Built in 1886, The Crescent Hotel has a long and storied history. Completed in 1886 by the Eureka Springs Improvement Company and The Frisco Railroad and designed to be the country’s most luxurious resort hotel, The Crescent was built high above Eureka Springs—imposing,…

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