May 26, 2022

Scammers are tagging instagram users in a post that claims ‘You’ve won an iPhone 13’. People have lost money in this scam.

Easy access to internet and social media apps have made our data more vulnerable than ever to cybercriminals and scammers who’re targetting our money with multiple scams. In recent days, several Instagram users have reported about a new online scam and it has to do with the iPhone 13. Many users have reported that they were tagged in Instagram posts or comments informing them that they have won an iPhone 13. Although it seems to be real, it is a total scam and spam. Once the users click on the link, they’re redirected to a webpage where they are asked to enter a few details along with their debit/credit card information.

Apparently, there are several accounts that have been tagged in the photos. The scammers are attacking users by creating the fake promotion that you have won a raffle on Instagram. Participating in giveaways campaigns in the Meta app is quite common, however, you have to be careful, as some can be bogus and may land you into trouble.

It seems hundreds of people have already been trapped in this iPhone 13 scam on Instagram and many users have taken to Twitter to warn others. The users have even shared the screengrab of the promotion. Check out here

In this picture, we can clearly see that the scam…

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