March 27, 2024

A man dubbed the “Bitcoin Pharaoh” who conned investors out of thousands of pounds has been charged with ordering the murder of a crypto rival.

Glaidson Acacio dos Santos and five of his crony friends have been charged for the alleged attempted murder of Nilson Alves Da Silva in Rio de Janeiro this year.


Glaidson Acacio dos Santos, the ‘Pharaoh of Bitcoins’, has been charged with attempted murderCredit: Newsflash
Dos Santos' crypto rival Nilson Alves da Silva, who allegedly had a hit against his name


Dos Santos’ crypto rival Nilson Alves da Silva, who allegedly had a hit against his nameCredit: Newsflash

Da Silva, 44, was shot at least twice inside his luxury car as he stopped at a traffic light on March 20. He was taken to hospital in a serious condition, but ultimately survived the attack.

Dos Santos and his alleged hitmen are also being investigated for their involvement in the murder of crypto investor Wesley Pessano in the city Sao Pedro da Aldeia.

The investigation, led by police chief Carlos Eduardo Almeida, found that Da Silva ran a cryptocurrency investment scheme, like Dos Santos.

It is not clear if the Da Silva’s business was genuine or if it was a scam like Dos Santos’. Either way, the victim was viewed by Dos Santos as a competitor.

Cops believe Dos Santos ordered the hit after Da Silva spread rumours in January that his competitor would soon be arrested by Brazilian police.

He encouraged Dos Santos’ clients to withdraw their cash and invest it in his business, GAS Consultoria Bitcoin.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office said Dos Santos ordered his…

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