March 23, 2024

On that day, when I was going from the cafeteria towards the office after finishing my lunch, I saw a posse of other colleagues rushing to the TV room speaking out loudly, “come fast, we are in the news.” I also ran to the common hall. There, the news of Satyam was being aired on every TV news channel and it created a commotion in the entire room. It was a big shock to all of us and it made us squirm. We did not believe that something of this kind could happen. I saw tears in the corners of my colleagues’ eyes. Some began to sniff, and I got goosebumps, too.

The situation was uncertain. I began to feel forlorn and started thinking about my family members, who were located thousands of kilometres away from Hyderabad.

To be sure, everything that was feared happened on that day. Rumours were rife – I started getting calls from my friends, relatives, and eventually, from my father as well. As soon as I wished him, he said gravely, “There is news airing about your company on TV, is everything okay there?” I answered evasively, “There is nothing to worry about and everything will be alright.”

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