March 26, 2024

There’s nothing more divine than experiencing Mother Nature’s seasonal shifts. It’s like a visual backdrop, stirring our senses while evoking a series of emotions. That’s exactly what you can expect from your winter solstice 2021 horoscope, as it will bring forth new vibrations of both transformation and spiritual renewal for every zodiac sign.

The first day of winter — happening on Dec. 21 at exactly 10:58 a.m. EST — marks the beginning of Capricorn season, which also happens to be a symbol of hard work and discipline. If you have any Capricorn placements or loved ones born under this Saturn-ruled sign, then you’re likely well aware of their pragmatism, and “no funny business” mentality. The wintertime is no exception, given that the sun’s shift into this cardinal earth sign presents us with an opportunity to hibernate and self-reflect.

Going inward is almost inevitable when considering the astrology of this year’s winter solstice. The moon will not only be transiting through its sign of rulership, Cancer — which is naturally prone to making us more sentimental, nostalgic and hypersensitive with emotions — it will also be making an opposition to Pluto and Venus retrograde in Capricorn. So if feelings run deep with the moon in Cancer, you can definitely multiply this energy times 10. Despite whether you’re single, taken, or secretly crushing, there is heavy emphasis on relationships during this time.

Put it this way, Venus is the planet of money,…

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