May 26, 2022

You may be a brilliant money manager with healthy spending habits, a realistic budget and not much debt. But if you’re not investing your money you’re never going to really move ahead financially.

The fact is, investing puts your money to work. So you need to do less of the heavy lifting growing your wealth.

The good news is that investing is easy, and there are plenty of options that let you get started.

What holds a lot of people back is not knowing what to invest in. Let’s fix that, so you can launch your plans to invest.

Understand your goals

Investing is about setting goals for yourself and choosing investments that let you achieve them. It also involves knowing how you feel about risk because different types of investments are more risky than others.

The higher the returns, the greater the risk you could lose money. It’s one of the basic rules of investing. If you come across anything promising high returns for little or no risk, it’s a fair bet you’re looking at a scam. Give it a miss.

Where to invest

Most investments fall into one of four main categories: cash, fixed interest, property and shares. There’s no real need to look outside of these.

There are some very complex investments around that can make it hard to understand how you’ll make money, let alone work out risks involved. That’s why it can be best to stick with the basics.

  • Savings accounts – expect low returns

If you want a safe and steady return without any risk of losing your…

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