March 26, 2024

HOUSTON, Texas – With the U.S. now averaging over 150,000 new COVID cases each day, Americans are flooding into testing sites, desperate for results which Porfirio Villarreal with the Houston Health Department says sets the stage for scam artists to try and game the system by operating bogus testing sites.

”We need to remember that when it comes to increased demand for anything, you have scammers coming out of the woodwork”, Villarreal said.

Villareal says a legitimate COVID-19 testing site will never ask you for your social security number, credit card number or bank information.

If you are asked to provide any of those things, it’s a scam and you need to walk or drive away as fast as possible. Don’t let them test you and don’t give them any personal information.

”You never provide your social security number or your credit card number to anyone,” he said. “That is a way of scamming you out of your money.”

Villarreal says a legitimate testing site may ask you for your identification card or driver’s license and may ask for your health insurance card, that is acceptable.


They will also ask for your email address or phone number so they can send you your test results.

Villarreal says a legitimate test provider will also send you a email or text to confirm your appointment time immediately after you schedule your appointment.

If you don’t get one, that is a huge red flag.

Finally remember, these tests are completely free, their should never even be a…

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