April 3, 2024

If you want to sell something you own, meeting the buyer in person is usually safer than doing the transaction online. Thieves don’t like IRL (in real life) meetings and many popular online scams simply don’t work in person.

Unfortunately, IRL meetings don’t remove the risk of being ripped off completely. Many thieves actually specialize in stealing products in person. One way of doing so is to use a fake banking app to send a fake payment.

So how do fake banking apps work and how can you avoid buyers who use them? Let’s find out.

What Are Fake Banking Apps?

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A fake banking app is an app that’s designed to look like it comes from a bank but is actually used for deception.

There are two different types of fake banking apps: phishing apps and apps that thieves use IRL.

Phishing Fake Banking Apps

Thieves use the first type of fake banking app for phishing purposes. These apps look identical to the apps that banks provide. Thieves promote them using spam emails and many people believe that they are actually receiving an email from their bank.

Once a victim downloads and installs the app, thieves can steal any information that they provide. Oftentimes, they then use this information to empty bank accounts.

IRL Fake Banking Apps

The second type of fake banking app revolves around IRL scams. This type of app doesn’t steal information. Instead, thieves use it to send fake payments.


For this purpose, criminals install…

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