March 25, 2024

HOUSTON – Once again, thieves are using the COVID-19 pandemic to think of new ways to steal your information. Online money scams cost Americans more than $4.2 billion dollars last year. KPRC 2 Investigates has this warning about the most common COVID-related scams in 2021.

Scam #1 – COVID Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payment scam

Thieves call or text to confirm your personal information so you can receive your stimulus check. They are actually just taking your personal information to steal your identity. In some cases, thieves use your information to apply for unemployment benefits.

Scam #2 – COVID Vaccine Registration scam

Watch out for COVID phishing emails. The Better Business Bureau explains how it works: You get a phone call, social media message, or an email saying that you are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. It appears to come from a friend, a public health official, or someone from a local hospital or clinic. You start to schedule your appointment, but you quickly find there’s a catch. The person who contacted you needs personal information or requires you to pay upfront.


Common COVID scam subject lines to watch out for

  • Vaccine registration

  • Information about your vaccine

  • Vaccine requirements

  • In another version, thieves ask you to fill out a COVID-related survey

Scam #3 – Random ZOOM requests

Thieves are also cashing in on the popularity of ZOOM.

Scammers use ZOOM invite to get into your computer, steal personal information

You’ll get an email with a ZOOM…

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