March 23, 2024

The Hackers Brief from Cyber Wyoming is sponsored by First Federal Bank & Trust. Be aware of the latest scams in Sheridan, Wyoming and the rest of the nation. 


Never Be the Intermediary for Funds


Tis the Season for e-Gift Scams

A Sheridan citizen reported an email with the subject line of “Confirm Your Information! You just received a Gift…” from (when checked, the website was located in France). The email claims that you registered for a free reward on their website and you have been selected, but need to confirm.


Abandoned Package Scam

A scam email from Philip Macos, impersonating as a Director at FedEx, was reported by a Sheridan citizen. The email says that FedEx has a package that contains your clothes and jewelry, but needs $99 and your personal information to receive it.


FedEx Impersonation Email

A Laramie citizen reported a suspicious business-to-business email from with the subject line of “Reaching Out!” Stewart requested project details from the business. Most reputable businesses do not email from yahoo accounts.


Students Beware


Powerball Winner Isn’t Contacting You to Donate

While Manuel Franco did win the Powerball in 2019, he is not contacting you to donate his winnings to you. A Laramie citizen reported two emails with the subject line of “Claim Your…

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