March 25, 2024

Information for this week’s Hacker’s Brief is provided by CyberWyoming Alliance, a 501c3 nonprofit affiliate of CyberWyoming. 

I Tried to Join the Illuminati: If you receive an email warning you not to believe the offer to join the Illuminati, it may be true. A Laramie citizen received an email with the saga of lighting three candles for the initiation in addition to sending a passport picture and birth certificate. CyberWyoming Note: Most legitimate clubs don’t ask for your birth certificate or passport. Yet, this could be an entertaining read. There are a lot of interesting “join the Illuminati” scams out there.

COVID-19 Testing Result Alert: A Gillette citizen reported an email from Carolyn Lambert at (note that the second s in business is missing and CyberWyoming checked – there is no such website) saying that you have been exposed to a coworker who tested positive for the OMICRON variant of COVID. The email has an attachment that Google reported as having a virus. CyberWyoming Note: Do not download or open the attachment.

Another Dying Widow: When a stranger wants to donate millions of dollars to you, it is a scam. This email reported by a Laramie citizen says that Mrs. Kristina Eliane Lubke, who is dying, wants to donate a 4.6 million dollar fund to an honest person to support ‘disabilities and humanity’ because of the vow she made to her late husband. The email’s subject line is “Support Humanity” and it…

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