August 10, 2022

Supreme Court Justice SK Kaul, who is hearing the Heera gold scam case, said the government was unearthed many scams but did not have the infrastructure to investigate them.

Representative image of a forensic lab.

Supreme Court Justice SK Kaul has said that the government is acting ‘penny-wise, but pound-foolish’ by not upgrading and having more state forensic laboratories.

“The government is unearthing so many scams, but it appears you don’t have the infrastructure [to probe them],” he said.

“When the legislature, in its wisdom, creates a tribunal and a special act, man them or abolish them. There are so many special laws but no one to implement them,” he observed.

The comments were made during a hearing on a plea relating to delays in the investigation into the Heera gold scam. The hearing has now been adjourned to May 12.

The Heera gold scam relates to the alleged duping of more than 1.7 lakh investors in a gold ponzi scheme. The accused in the case had allegedly raked in over Rs 5,600 crore from the investors.

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