March 28, 2024

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The Federal Trade Commission is sending a warning about fraudulent test kits being sold online to desperate customers.

Using fake products isn’t just a waste of money, it increases your risk of unknowingly spreading the virus or not getting the appropriate treatment.

Make sure the test you’re buying is authorized by the FDA. A quick search can give you those answers as well as a list of tests that they’ve found to be fraudulent.

Check out a seller before you buy, especially if you’re buying from a site you don’t know. Search online for the website or seller’s name plus words like scam, complaint or review.

The FTC also recommends people compare online reviews from several websites. As you research you can ask yourself where the review is coming from and if it is from an expert organization or individual customers.

Lastly, the FTC encourages you to pay by credit card. If it is a scam and you’re charged for an order that didn’t arrive or isn’t as advertised you can dispute the charge.

Anyone with information about a bogus test or scam seller should file a report with the FTC.

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