March 26, 2024

Metro Detroit native Nicole Vowell thought she saw a familiar face on social media and when he hit her up with a direct message, she wrote back.

“I have known Darius for about 10 years, I know he’s a family man, a man of God, a good man and he owns a business. He posted something on his story that said if you can (pick) a name that starts with an ‘A’ I’ll give you a cash prize,” Vowell said. “And I’m usually pretty skeptical but I knew Darius so I said whatever and so I needed a little extra cash for my mom, for the holidays, (so I said) what could hurt?”

But the man she thought was Darius on her Instagram story, wasn’t Darius. Someone hacked his account and was orchestrating a scam. She was told it was a Bitcoin mining strategy.

“Initially I was told to put in $800 and then I would get $5,000 back and I thought okay, I have $800, that’s cool,” Vowell said.

The former television reporter now lives in Utah.  She has done stories on scams.  This just didn’t feel like it.  After all, it’s Darius, a man she’s known for 10 years.

So she moved forward and paid.  She knew Bitcoin mining is a quick way some people make money.  

But after the 800 dollar investment, the…

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