March 26, 2024
Dehradun: Former divisional forest officer (DFO) of Kalagarh, the zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) where multiple illegal constructions were recently reported, hasn’t responded to queries made by the head of forest force (HoFF) on how the illegal activities occurred at the zone on his watch. After all the efforts to connect with the former DFO Kishanchand through registered post and email went unanswered, HoFF Vinod Kumar Singhal posted notices in a Hindi newspaper on January 1, sources said.
Kishanchand was one of the over 30 forest officers to be transferred on orders of chief minister Dhami over Corbett illegalities on November 25. However, he joined his new posting at the HoFF office in Dehradun only after 23 days on December 18. In fact, one of the notices published in the newspaper directed him to attend office regularly.
When TOI contacted Kishanchand, he refused to share any details, saying “It is an official matter, therefore no comments.”
The other notice directed the former DFO to present a report explaining illegal construction, tree felling and financial irregularities in violation of some of the most stringent wildlife laws in the country. Copies of both notices, written in Hindi, are with TOI.
The second notice says, “On December 17, a report was sought from you on financial irregularities, the construction of Kandi road, construction on the premises of Morghatti and Pakhro forest rest houses and a water body near it, illegal felling of trees…

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