March 26, 2024

FirstHealth of the Carolinas is warning the community about a scam that uses “caller ID spoofing” after receiving reports that people are receiving phone calls that appear to be from a FirstHealth phone number but are instead are from a scammer that could be trying to gain access to personal information.

This is a case of caller ID spoofing, which is a manipulation of the caller ID feature that allows scammers to disguise their true identity. In this case, they are disguising themselves as FirstHealth of the Carolinas.

Those receiving phone calls like this should hang up immediately, and not share any personal information over the phone. Because the call did not actually come from FirstHealth, it’s not necessary to call the number back.

Anyone who has given any personal information to a similar caller, should contact their bank and/or credit card companies. Anyone who believes that have been a victim of identity theft should call local law enforcement.

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