April 1, 2024

Fraudsters often make lucrative offers with catchphrases like “guaranteed job”. But the jobs are not guaranteed and many times, they don’t even exist.

SOFIA, BULGARIA, December 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The changing dynamics of the ever-growing labour market have also emboldened scammers. With online search for a dream job becoming a common norm, it’s easier for fraudsters to hide behind electronic channels and offer fake employment opportunities.

Cyber-Forensics.net, an industry leader in the cyber forensic services meant for online scam victims reveals that “while fraudulent offers can differ in the types, they are similar in the goal that they want personal information-i.e., bank account numbers, social security numbers, and money.

Stories of individuals either getting scammed or escaping the trap by thin hair are making rounds on the internet.

A resounding case made headlines in the news when a Gadsden woman’s near-to-getting scam experience became a lesson for millions of online job finders.

Beth Patterson discovered a lucrative “data entry” job online promising to pay $20 per hour. Perks like work from home convinced her that it was the perfect job. But for Beth, bells went off when she was asked to fill her bank details at the end of the interview. Beth immediately called out the scam and posted her experience on social media in hopes of warning others.

Speaking about the similar pattern of scamming people,…

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