December 22, 2023

With the “great resignation” comes the excellent job market for new work-from-home opportunities in 2022. But before answering the call, there are a few things to be aware of to avoid falling victim to a remote work job scam.

Laurie Obermeyer is a freelance graphic designer who lost a lot of work during the pandemic and needed something a little more stable.

When a construction company contacted her about graphics work, they told her she got the job — but first, she needed to send money for equipment, which sounded a bit strange.

“They were going to send me some things to build a remote office, a Mac,” Obermeyer said.

After some research, Obermeyer realized it was all a scam to get her money.

Warning signs of a fake employer offering remote work

Obermeyer isn’t alone. The Better Business Bureau has issued an alert about similar scams, with so many people now searching for work-from-home jobs that don’t require them to report to an office.

“If you are offered a job that involves free shipping things to other places, that’s likely a scam job because most companies will ship things themselves,” BBB spokeswoman Rebecca Phoenix said.

Reshipping jobs are just one of the scams the BBB is seeing.

“We also see a lot of jobs involving big checks, and those are used in a variety of ways,” Phoenix said. “Whether it is cashing what looks like legitimate checks or simply cashing a check and sending the rest to a secret account, those all are illegal and could land you in hot water.”

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