July 1, 2022

Facebook pages of online firm ‘engaged in selling scam’ taken down by DOJ-OOC


The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Cybercrime (OOC) has successfully taken down the two Facebook pages of an online firm reportedly engaged in online selling scam.

In a statement, DOJ-OOC said it was assisted by Facebook Law Enforcement Outreach in taking down the pages of LLM Enterprises and LLM Enterprises/Service Page.

Based on the reports of the victims, DOJ-OOC said that the modus operandi of the firm are: offering smartphones at very cheap prices, persuading the customers to pay in advance via online transfer, blocking the customers from sending messages via the said platform once payment has been received, asking buyers to send photos of themselves holding a valid government-issued ID in compliance with the reservation process, and using the photos sent by the customers as the Facebook pages admins’ proof of identity when transacting with other customers.

In an official communication, Facebook disclosed that it “has located seven admins responsible for managing the two (2) pages and have now been disabled.”

The DOJ-OOC has advised those who have been victimized and are contemplating to file…

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