July 1, 2022

Cleveland, Ohio –

Cleveland, OH based Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is raising awareness of merchant services scams and how businesses can avoid falling victim to such malicious activities. In the digital age, scams are quickly getting more proficient at both finding and taking advantage of the unwary. Fortunately, the company states that implementing certain best practices can greatly reduce the likelihood of a scam being successful.

EMS holds the firm belief that every business and their employees should make it a point to learn how to identify merchant services scams. Scams of this nature often require a few steps to take hold, and the potential victim therefore has a few opportunities to realize that all may not be as it appears. The company adds that some businesses take the measure of implementing anti-fraud policies, such as encouraging all employees to forward suspicious emails to the IT department for confirmation, but this may not be viable for smaller entities that do not have the resources to dedicate in this manner.

However, EMS says most of the battle is simply in identifying the scam before the victim goes through with the transaction (either financially or in terms of sensitive data). As a result, it may help for everyone to know about the most common scams in circulation today.

The first scam the company draws attention to is The Hidden Fee Scam, which involves false or misleading pricing information. Here, the scammer will offer a service or…

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