May 26, 2022

A couple are trying to raise awareness after returning to find their car had been given a “parking ticket” from an issuing authority.

The car was parked near the Shepherd Meadows beauty spot and, upon returning to it, owners found a handwritten ticket fining them £80.

The notice, which demanded the payment, had the time and location recorded as well as the identification number of the issuing “officer”, The Express reports. It also included a website link for payment on the notice.

Concerned, the couple took a photo and shared it on Facebook, adding: “Be careful parking at Shepherd Meadows. My folks went for a walk and came back to this on their car.

“Clearly a scam, but don’t get taken in by these ****s.”

Social media users were quick to react to the note, which had rapidly circulated online.

One said: “They’re trying to defraud you.”

Mocking the note, another said: “U owe us £80 4 parkin ere. Here ma bank deets. Fanks.”

And a third said: “Now if they invested in a printer…”

One woman suggested the note could “well be valid”.

However, the poster replied that the couple had parked in a bay – and said the web address isn’t a secure site.

Strict rules govern the issuing of fixed penalty notices. Either local councils take control of the portfolio of parking, or in cases of private land, dedicated companies act on behalf of the landowner.

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