April 3, 2024

It is an age-old formula. One man or a group of men get together and plan to con an entire nation on one idea. What is their modus operandi? Find the loopholes in the system, trade in the grey areas, win the trust of the middle-class by showing them the stars and then take them for a spin by busting those stars into dust as they pocket the ill-gained profits. Deceit, misinformation, and manipulation are the common tricks of the trade. This is by and large the story of every scammer who has gone wrong or…right and are rarely held accountable for their “illicit activities”.

In India, scammers are ubiquitous sometimes operating as chit fund middlemen or mortgage lenders in villages to suave bankers and investment advisors in metropolitan cities. Season 2 of Money Mafia documents the frustration and agony of those who fell prey to such scandals. In the series, Discovery Plus delves into the scale and seriousness of the four most shocking scams that have betrayed the trust of India’s middle-class. The four-part series looks into the Ponzi schemes, call center scams, and banking scandals through a range of interviews with the victims, lawyers, writers, and police authorities among other officials.

Produced by Chandra Talkies, the show begins by zooming into the IRS scam, a $300 million fraud case conducted through a fake IRS Call Centre where hundreds of operators posed as US IRS (Internal Revenue Service) officers and called American citizens to extort money.

The second…

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