December 22, 2023

SUNBURY — The Northumberland County District Attorney’s office is warning of a new scam attempt related to Publishers Clearing House. 

District Attorney Tony Matulewic said a Paxinos woman reported on Dec. 28 that she was contacted by a man identifying himself as Ben Walke of the Publishers Clearing House. She was told she won $4.8 million, a brand new truck and a weekly bonus of $7,000.

The male caller, who had an accent, provided her with several confirmation numbers that she would need to produce when her prizes were delivered, but also told her she would first have to supply a credit card number for purposes of paying $400 in fees associated with the transaction. The scammer, being unfamiliar with the House’s winnings and procedures, also provided the resident with a badge number, which is normally associated with law enforcement authorities, said the DA.

The resident, suspecting a scam, told the scammer that she would prefer to pay the fees in cash when the prizes were delivered. The scammer then asked for her Social Security number, but she refused to provide it, said the DA.

Matulewiczs said all residents should avoid releasing personal information, including Social Security numbers, bank account details, medical information and credit card numbers, to unknown callers. 

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