August 17, 2022

Summary: Click Fraud Prevention Firm Polygraph Uses Insider Knowledge To Tackle New Fake Clicks Scam Targeting Online Advertisers.

BERLIN, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A growing trend where online fraudsters monetise popular advertising keywords, using real clicks by unsuspecting website visitors, can now be tackled by insider knowledge sourced directly from those involved with the cyber fraud.

While ‘click fraud’ is a relatively new type of crime, it is fast establishing itself as the premier method criminal gangs are using to make millions of dollars illegally.

English teachers working overseas have been recruited to create a respectable face for the operations, and often do not realise they are involved in fraud, as they are tricked into believing it is a legitimate business. One teacher who has spoken out about the scam said he was able to earn tens of thousands of dollars before cutting ties with the criminals once he realised it was fraud.

Polygraph has developed techniques for monitoring the activities of cyber criminals involved in click fraud, establishing methods for detecting and eliminating the fake clicks they use to profit from online ads. By using their own playbook, built using inside information on the techniques the fraudsters have developed, Polygraph’s teams are able to protect advertising budgets, and eliminate further attacks.

Cyber criminals who use click fraud the most are targeting the three sectors which work closely…

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