April 1, 2024

CYBER experts have seen a rise in online scams during the pandemic and they’re already anticipating more in 2022.

We spoke to Elizabeth Snead, a product manager at security firm WMC Global, about what you need to watch out for.


Watch out for pandemic and package scams in 2022Credit: PA

The expert expressed concerns about package delivery scams and phishing.

Phishing is a type of online scam that takes place over email, social media, texts, phone calls and more.

It usually involves cyber criminals sending fake messages to a large number of people and seeing how many they can trick.

Snead told The Sun: “Package delivery scams have run rampant during the pandemic as consumers have shifted to ordering things for their everyday needs online.

“Employee Business Email Compromised (BEC) will continue to be important, especially as remote work continues to trend.

“Phishers will use a variety of ways to trick users into giving up their credentials and two-factor authentication codes so they can take over accounts and financially benefit.

“Once an account is taken over, it may be used to steal from businesses directly, request a change in the employee’s direct depot accounts from HR, requests sensitive information like employee W2s, or even request gift cards be purchased for a raffle.

“It’s crucial to watch for phishing at work because it can lead to a personal financial loss of funds and sometimes termination for loss to the company.”

Snead also thinks scammers will…

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