March 28, 2024

Australians have been victims of a surge in cybercrime, and scammers plundered more than $ 33 billion last year alone.
At the Cyber ​​Security Center in Australia, a pandemic forced more employees to work from home, increasing the number of reported online crimes by 13%. There was also a self-reported loss of over $ 33 billion. ASCS states in its annual report that fraud, online shopping and online banking fraud are the most popular schemes. “Australian lost money and personal information in more than 75% of pandemic-related cybercrime reports,” he says.

“It just shows it must be pretty easy to do, to set up a fake profile … their profile is there and then it`s just gone and you have no trace of them. “Usually we go onto the person`s profile and see if they`ve sold anything before on certain groups, how many friends they`ve got, just to make sure they`re legit. This person seemed to be a legitimate person, so I thought it was okay. ” It was only a few days after paying her money that the woman and her partner discovered that her seller’s profile and ads had been removed. At first she said she suspected that there might be other reasons for the profile to disappear until the same image of the group, a component that was sold at double the price, was found on Gumtree.

“Nearly 500 ransomware cybercrime reports, an increase of nearly 15 per cent from the previous financial year.” Earlier this month a Victorian woman lost hundreds to a scam on Facebook…

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