March 26, 2024
FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) — A Fayetteville veteran is out thousands of dollars thanks to a cryptocurrency scam, but he’s not alone.

Investing in digital currency is growing in popularity and a new report shows nearly $8 billion lost to crypto scammers just in 2021.

Jaqueall Jackson learned the hard way just how ruthless scammers can be.

“That was my entire savings right there. I lost $15,000,” Jackson said.

He lost all that money after he says he was contacted through Facebook about an investment opportunity.

“I constantly kept getting messages that were getting sent down by people saying the success of this company was tremendous and how much money they were making.”

Jackson was hesitant to invest, but the company had a legitimate-looking website and in his chats with the online company, the representative promised profits were 100% guaranteed. One chat stated that if he invested $2,000 in cryptocurrency that it would grow to $20,000 within 24-hours.

“This is a really good opportunity to get a hold of extra cash by reinvesting my crypto into bitcoin which was supposed to boost my income,” Jackson thought.

He dumped all of his crypto into the company and got a notice that his trade was successful and his profits of $95,000 were ready for payout. However, there was a catch.

“They said they had to pay another fee of $14,000 in order to actually get my money,” Jackson said.

At that point, he knew something wasn’t right, because the website for the company he invested in clearly…

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