December 22, 2023

ACTOR Matt Damon is being resoundingly mocked on Twitter for being featured in a commercial.

In the ad, “Fortune Favors the Brave,” Damon talks about risk-takers “who embrace the moment and commit,” but people on social media were not impressed.

“Y’all think Matt Damon got paid in Real American Dollars for that crypto ad or,” one person joked.

Plus, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shibu Inu coin were all down on Coinbase on Monday, with Bitcoin seeing a more than 10percent drop in the past seven days.

And the first LGBT+ cryptocurrency launched Friday, and its creators are hoping to start trading early this year.

The founders of Maricoin said they want the coin to be a means of payment at LGBT-friendly businesses and events, as have an aim of “changing the world.”

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  • More than 50 countries place bans

    51 countries have placed bans on cryptocurrencies, according to a report from the Global Legal Research Directorate of the Law Library of Congress.

    To date, nine countries have a total ban, and 42 have an implicit ban. The implicit ban forbids financial institutions from using crypto.

    The number of countries with bans has more than doubled since research first came out in 2018, according to Markets Insider.

  • What is NuCypher, continued

    This allows users to share private data with a number of others in a secure way.

    Holders of its token NU can stake their tokens through the network to run a node,…

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