March 24, 2024

THE first LGBT+ cryptocurrency launched Friday, and its creators are hoping to start trading early this year.

The founders of Maricoin said they want the coin to be a means of payment at LGBT-friendly businesses and events, as have an aim of “changing the world.”

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is still below $50,000, which indicates that traders are not aggressively buying it.

The entire cryptocurrency market exploded in 2021, but experts predict that 2022 will bring even more excitement to the industry, and particularly Bitcoin.

This increased attention will also bring more risks and regulations to the crypto market.

Buyers beware, though, because a bigger market means bigger risks, especially from hackers and cybercriminals using hard-to-trace crypto payments for ransomware attacks.

Digital currency users should pay extra attention to their at-home cybersecurity, and not risk being subjected to hackers demanding Bitcoin, Solana or Ethereum ransoms.

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  • What is Dogezilla?

    Founded by someone with the alias of 9ZEROES, DogeZilla models itself as a community-based project. 

    DogeZilla claims it aims to make the crypto space safer for users.

    According to DogeZilla’s whitepaper, it has a vault that verifies crypto launches.

    It says: “Obviously, it is not a 100% fool-proof method because that simply doesn’t exist in this space, but reducing risk to the highest degree is the purpose of Vault.”

    Moreover, users…

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