March 28, 2024

Alan Lee (left) and Gareth Robinson have been jailed (Image: Cardiff City Council / South Wales Police)

Alan Lee, 48, defrauded his victims of more than £500,000 and his “trusted lieutenant” Gareth Robinson, 41, helped with many of the scams. A court heard Lee and his team stripped roofs from the homes of vulnerable people when no work was needed and, when one of his victims refused to pay, he told them: “I know where you live.”

Lee was described as an “aggressive and intimidating person” in court as prosecutors told how he defrauded 24 people of £556,000, including one homeowner of £80,000 alone.

But he was jailed today for six years and 10 months. Robinson will serve three years and four months in jail.

Sentencing the crooks at Cardiff Crown Court today, judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said: “The two of you used the firm to drefraud vulnerable people of as much money as you could get. Your intention was to deceive, manipulate and even intimidate them.

“You milked your victims for every penny you could get. Whatever may have been said on your advertising flyers, you are not builders. You are fraudsters.”

The court heard Lee’s team was “utterly unskilled” and left homes across south Wales in messes.

Robinson, meanwhile, allowed his bank account to be used for their takings, Wales Online reports. He admitted fraud worth £360,000 against 10 victims.

Alan Lee

Lee defrauded his victims of more than £500,000 (Image: South Wales Police)

You milked your victims for every penny you…

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