August 10, 2022

A couple from Mississippi are facing prison time over a roulette scam which netted them $10,500. [Image:]

Facing lengthy prison terms

A Mississippi couple are facing years in prison after scamming Rivers Casino out of $10,500. They used distraction tactics and secret signals to swindle the money from the Pittsburgh casino’s roulette tables last month.

a prison sentence of up to seven years

Officials charged Denielle Derohan and Shaun Benward on Wednesday with conspiracy, theft by deception, as well as five counts of perpetrating fraudulent schemes while gaming. A conviction of felony theft by deception carries a prison sentence of up to seven years.

Trooper David Endlich, an officer in the Mississippi police’s Bureau of Gaming, detailed in the criminal complaint that the authorities became aware of the scam on February 20.

Caught red handed

The couple managed to pull off their scam on three occasions over the course of two days. Investigators used both surveillance footage and accounts from dealers to uncover the illicit activity. There is no shortage of surveillance footage from the casino, with more than 1,000 cameras located around the property.

Casino cheaters often work in teams, typically traveling from casino to casino in an attempt to continue getting away with their scam.

As part of their scam, Derohan would play roulette before Benward approached the table. With the ball still spinning on the roulette wheel, Benward would hand over some…

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