May 26, 2022

Published February 08. 2022 01:09PM

A McKean County couple charged with attempting to scam a Coaldale woman say they also are victims.

Joseph and Catherine Loveless, Turtlepoint, appeared before District Magistrate Stephen Bayer for a preliminary arraignment Monday.

“I don’t understand. We didn’t do anything,” Catherine Loveless said as she sat next to her husband.

Bayer said they are charged with “fairly serious crimes of theft” for their role in attempting to cash three checks made out to them.

Coaldale Police say a woman, whose age was not given, received a phone call Aug. 26 saying she won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and prizes and included a check worth $10.8 million and two Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

She was told to send three checks to the couple. Two were for $885. One was for $85,000. When attempting to cash the larger one, the bank made a phone call to the daughter of the victim. The check was denied.

Bank officials have police photos of the couple. Identification was provided for Catherine Loveless and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation verified her license. A photo of Joseph Loveless was cross-checked against his license and matched.

Both are charged with theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception and criminal use of a communications facility….

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