March 26, 2024

A Russian-owned, UK construction company, Pazhar Zvezdy Ltd has been wound up by the courts for failing to pay recruitment agencies for their payroll services.

The Insolvency Service investigated the residential and commercial construction firm following complaints. Its investigation found that Pazhar Zvevdy had been submitting duplicate timesheets for its workers to several construction recruitment agencies that provided payroll services. Once these payroll services were provided, and workers received payments, the company failed to pay the recruitment agencies for their work.

A petition to wind up the firm was presented on 13 October 2020 by one recruitment agency and, just over 11 months later on 7 September 2021, the High Court ordered the company be wound up. No one from the construction company appeared for the hearing.

The Insolvency Service said there could be other creditors unaware of the company’s situation due to its complicated structure. The official receiver and liquidator Catherine Hudson said: “We are aware of multiple creditors who are potentially owed money in the liquidation but, due to the name change, cannot locate details of this company easily.” She added that any other creditors who think they were owed money should approach the Insolvency Service.

Pazhar Zvevdy, which means ‘Firestar’ in Russian, was originally set up on 17 September 2018 as ASA UK Developments Ltd. The firm saw several changes in directors and addresses through…

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