March 26, 2024

Australian international student sues the Commonwealth Bank claiming its policies led to MILLIONS of her family’s hard-earned dollars meant to buy her a house being frozen in a money laundering scam

  • Delania Marundrury and family sued Commonwealth Bank after millions lost
  • Family was sending money to Delania who was studying in Australia
  • Their money was unknowingly swapped with dirty money by a money changer
  • Family said CBA had obligation to report suspicious activity but failed to do so 

An international student and her Indonesian family are suing the Commonwealth Bank after millions of dollars were lost in a money laundering scam. 

Delania Marundrury is studying make-up design and living with her mother Widyia in Australia.

The pair have been receiving money from family back home to support Delania’s education, buy land, and build a house. 

The family suddenly had millions of dollars seized by the Australian Federal Police after learning their account was being used by criminals to launder dirty money.

The Marundrury’s said they had no idea they were the target of the simple but effective scam known as ‘cuckoo smurfing’. 

Delania Marundrury is studying make-up design…

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