August 13, 2022

CLEARFIELD – The potential regionalization of the Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township police departments was the main topic of discussion at Thursday’s council meeting.

Mayor Mason Strouse addressed the issue of both the borough and Lawrence Township police departments being understaffed, and council discussed the idea of regionalization of both police departments. 

Strouse said that the problem has been ongoing for a very long time, and spoke of many different options that have been brought to the table.

One of which would be a possible part-time police department, which he is strongly against, saying that it would be a tremendous disservice to the community. He said regionalization would seem to be the way to go.

The study that was conducted by the state would allow more consistent coverage and would allow the officers to have better schedules instead of having to work seven days a week as some do now. 

Cost, of course, is also an issue. If regionalization were to happen right away, the borough would potentially see an increase of close to $144,000 within the first year, according to the study. The state has practically already guaranteed $200,000 in grants to cover the start-up costs.

According to Strouse, the community as well as the officers of both the borough and Lawrence Township would like to see this regionalization happen. 

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