March 29, 2024

Several cybercriminals are using the holiday season to trick numerous individuals. In relation to this, people must be aware of three Christmas scams to prevent falling victim.

Christmas Scams 2021

The Federal Bureau of Investigation works hard to ensure that you wouldn’t fall for widely recognized online scam tactics.

Cyber scammers may take your hard-earned money, personal information and, most importantly, the holiday spirit.

In relation to this, a top cybersecurity expert and co-host of a podcast on avoiding online scams Adam Levin stated that people are preoccupied around the holidays, which is why there is an increase in online frauds.

“They are addressing work concerns. They are thinking about charitable donations. They are thinking about family holidays. [and] I’m trying to find the perfect gift for someone,” Levin furthered on The Web Serv.

The FBI noted that non-delivery and non-payment scams are the two most common types of cyber fraud.

Non-delivery scam occurs when a buyer pays for products or services found online but never receives them. While a non-payment scam occurs when products or services were delivered without any payment to the vendor.

Additionally, phishing is another well-known Christmas scam, per Eyewitness News.

This type of online scam occurs when a victim clicks on a web link that pushes them to reveal personal information such as names, passwords and bank account credentials. Malware is sometimes put into the victim’s device to…

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