March 28, 2024

A Chinese scammer fooled a businesswoman into falling for his investment scam. Based on the statement of the victim, it seems like she developed a connection with the thief upon being told that he is handling an orphanage.

(Photo : Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)
A Chinese man identifies a new issued 100 yuan note with an old one issued in 1999, at a bank on August 31, 2005 in Shanghai, China. Authorities issued new yuan notes today that largely resemble bills in circulation but with new marks meant to foil currency counterfeiters. New 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 yuan notes, as well as a 1 jiao coin (10 Chinese cents).

Meanwhile, her daughter also shared his point of view. The businesswoman’s child, who only wants to be known as Ms. Ong, said that she already knew what her mother is getting into. 

She said that although she already warned her parent, the victim still ignored her. Because of the mother’s negligence, the scammer was able to steal a total of $568,000. 

“I told my mother to be careful but she was confident, headstrong, and had 100 percent faith in her contact. It was obvious it was a scam,” said Ms. Ong via The Straits Times‘ latest report. 

Chinese Scammer Fools Businesswoman

The victim, who wants to be addressed as Ms. Sophia, said that she met the man via WhatsApp. However, she actually didn’t know how the Asian guy was able to acquire her contact information, which is already a red flag. 

Chinese Scammer Fools Businesswoman in an Investment Scam! Mother Ignores Daughter's Warning—Leading to $500,000 Theft

(Photo : Photo by China…

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