March 30, 2024
Can I Get Scammed From Cash App

How convenient it is to transfer money without having to go and make deposits or run your errands at the bank. Using peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payment services, us consumers can pay bills with just a few clicks on your phone. Cash App, formerly known as Square Cash, is one of the popular digital platforms that allows us to transfer and receive money using our mobile phones.

Since its release last 2013, the said app has successfully become famous in the United Kingdom and United States. The interface of this app is very accessible and friendly to all types of users as it is easy to navigate and quick to transfer money. Almost everyone uses it. However, like any other mobile money services (e.g. Venmo, Zelle, etc), Cash App is not exempted from scammers and fraudsters.

Becoming aware about the common schemes fraudsters use is the first step to avoid them. Thus, here’s an article about everything you need to know in Cash App scams and how to protect yourself from them.

What are the common Cash App Scams?

Cash App is an incredible online money support but it also comes with possibilities of fraudulent acts, users should be vigilant about. It is better to frequently study and update yourself with the latest tricks fraudsters use than bear the cost of getting scammed. The following are the top Cash App scams you should be aware of.

Cash App Giveaways Trick

Cash App successfully burst its popularity through weekly cash giveaways campaigns like the Super Cash App Friday. Official Cash App account in Twitter and Instagram hosts a sweepstakes contest whereas; they encourage users to follow and share a post. Users who join by sharing and following have a chance to win money.

Now, scammers will try to prey on those who joined the giveaway by creating fake accounts. Then they will search for users on the comments section to message them privately saying that they have won a cash prize in a different giveaway. To receive the prize, they will ask you to share a small amount of money first as verification of your identity. After they persuade you to send the money, which account will block you, carrying the funds you gave away.

Flipping your money scam

It’s fun to join Cash App giveaways, but scammers are fond of taking opportunities from those who join in. Some of them monitor the comment thread on a giveaway post and choose an account to directly message them about Money Flipping.

Basically, they will introduce themselves (the scammers) as Cash App “Flippers” who can increase a small amount of your cash into larger ones. After all the sweet talks and selling, they will just disappear with your money.

Another flipping scam is the fraudsters will send a fake Cash App link for you to sign into which will reveal your personal information and credentials to them.

Fake Pet Owners

If there is one living thing that people can’t resist, it would be puppies or kittens especially the stray ones. People adore pets and they are willing to pay big bucks just to provide that best care they would need.

Sadly, con artists use this idea to scam users from money service apps like Cash App. Fake puppy-sale listings are said to be going around the social media and online marketplaces, portraying that these puppies are in need of shelter. When people fall into their scam, con artists will initiate to ship the pets instead of a meet-up in person.

Thus, they will insist for a cash transfer via Cash App and little did the victim know, there will never be a pet to arrive at his/her home. Another down part is Cash App will not guarantee refunds as the sale came from an online marketplace they did not commit into.

Phishing Scams and Impersonation in Cash App

Impersonating is one of the classic yet effective phishing techniques of fraudsters or scammers. Someone will reach you via email, phone message, or through social media; and tell you that they are from the Cash App service center.

The bothering part is they will ask for your personal or financial information. They even create fake links and websites to convince you and once you send your information, that’s when the phishing scam begins.

How to avoid scams and use the Cash App safely?

In spite of the scams and phishing incidents, Cash App is a great platform to commit online money transactions. You can still use this app safely and protect yourself from deceitful links or messages. Just remember these simple tips and follow them constantly.

  1. Refrain from disclosing personal information online via social media or over the phone.
  2. Only trust the Cash App application and their official social media page in communicating on any matter (giveaways, transactions, investment, etc.)
  3. During giveaways and sweepstakes, keep in mind to read the rules first. Cash App genuine giveaways won’t ask you to send them money for verification.
  4. Set up Security Features to shield your personal information and credentials. You can install a pin number or your fingerprint for every transaction. A two-factor authentication is also probable to add protection in your account.
  5. Beware of websites claiming to be Cash App Support. If you need questions or assistance regarding any type of transaction, call the contact support number of Cash App through mobile phone. As you click the Cash App profile, you will see a tab at the bottom for “support.” You may click that to find help in resolving your problems.

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