March 27, 2024

State increases workers comp rates by over 3%

Workers compensation premiums will rise by an average of 3.1% in 2022, the Washington Department of Labor & Industries announced.

It said the increase is driven by rising costs associated with cost-of-living adjustments for long-term cases and are tied to Washington’s increasing average wages.

The increase boosts the average rate to $1.53 per $100 of payroll. Employers will see rates rise or fall depending on their recent claims history. Workers pay about a quarter of the premium.

Public hearings were held in October.

Apprenticeships thriving in Washington state

Nearly 22,000 apprentices participated in job training programs in Washington during the 2020-21 school year, an all-time high that rivals the enrollments of the University of Washington and Washington State University.

“Apprenticeship programs are thriving across the state,” said Jody Robbins, apprenticeship program manager for the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I). “We’re encouraged to see a growing number of employers, educators, and other workforce partners get involved.”

“Employers need a reliable talent pipeline and workers need pathways into rewarding careers,” Robbins said. “Registered apprenticeship programs provide an opportunity for employers and workers, boosting our entire economy.”

The latest numbers from L&I show there are more than 5,000 employers in the state participating in 182 apprenticeship programs…

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