March 29, 2024

Some Bunnings customers have been caught up in a data breach affecting more than 3 million accounts through online booking system FlexBooker, used by companies around the world.

One customer was unhappy to find out from a third-party website, Have I Been Pwned​ , and not Bunnings that his data had been taken. Other customers said on social media they were also victims of the data breach.

The customer, who did not want to be named for professional reasons, said he got an alert on January 6 about the breach which happened in December.

Bunnings used FlexBooker for click and collect orders, and the customer had used it last October during a Covid lockdown.

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He had started receiving a lot of scam text messages about parcels and a random phone call from the United States, and said “the spam going through my inbox has just gone through the roof”.

“The fact that’s my data that I’ve given to them for one purpose, and it’s now been lost, so [it is] super frustrating that they’re not taking the proper care there to make sure that data’s being looked after especially in this day and age.

“And when you look at Bunnings, you think that a lot of their customers aren’t necessarily going to be tech natives so getting a phone call like…

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